Welcome to Nice Healthcare!

Hello and Welcome to Nice Healthcare! This page was created to provide you with resources to assist you with accessing and using your Nice Healthcare services. Take time to explore the instructional videos, review the FAQs, and use the links to discover conditions we cover or check if your medication is available through Nice Healthcare!

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Getting Started with Nice

Employee Flyer - Full Service (Visit Fee)

All You Need to Know About Nice Healthcare

This flyer shows all the services covered by Nice Healthcare.

When to Use Nice Healthcare - Full Service/Hybrid

When to Use Nice Healthcare

A list of common illnesses or conditions that your employees can get addressed with Nice Healthcare.

Schedule Your First Visit with Nice - Full Service/Hybrid/Virtual Only

Schedule Your First Visit With Nice

This flyer lists steps of getting care at Nice Healthcare!

Employee Presentation - Full Service/Hybrid (Visit Fee)

Nice Employee Presentation

A deck geared towards employees to learn more about Nice and all that we offer.


Learning More About Nice

Nice Rx Without Capsule

The Nice Rx Pharmacy Program

Use this employee-facing flyer to educate employees about the Nice Pharmacy Program.

Mental Health Therapy Flyer

Mental Health Therapy Flyer at Nice

This employee-facing flyer explains what Nice's mental health therapy service is and how patients can use it to address their mental health needs.

Physical Therapy Flyer - Full Service/Hybrid/Virtual Only

Physical Therapy at Nice Healthcare

This flyer explains how patients use Nice's virtual physical therapy service to address a variety of musculoskeletal issues.

Annual Physical Flyer  - Full Service (Visit Fee)

Nice Annual Physical Flyer

Share this flyer with employees to highlight how Nice can save them time and money on their annual physicals for the whole household.

Medical Presentation (Quarterly)

Webinar - How to Reduce High Blood Pressure According to Medical Experts

In this webinar, we discuss what causes high blood pressure, how it can impact you, and what treatments can help you take control of your health and reduce your risk of developing further complications.

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Spanish Marketing Materials - Full Service (Visit Fee)

Looking for materials in Spanish? (¿Está buscando materiales en español?)

Haz clic aquí para ver estes materiales en español.


Additional Resources

Nice FAQ's (202208)

Nice FAQ's

Have a question about Nice? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
Nice Rx FAQ Webpage (202208)

Nice Rx FAQ

We offer 550+ FREE medications through our medication list. Check out these FAQ to learn more and see if we cover a medication you or your employee is wondering about.

Prescription Wallet Card

Prescription Wallet Card

A link to your Nice Pharmacy wallet card that employees can use when picking up their prescriptions.

Nice Blog Posts

Nice Blog Posts

You can view the most recent blog posts from Nice Healthcare!